Environmental Compliance

It is important for property owners and property managers to note that wastewater generated on their facilities is their responsibility and they can be fined if their pressure washing contractor does not comply with EPA and local utility regulations. 

To protect property owners, managers and the environment, Surface Pros Indy uses the following process when wastewater will be contaminated with detergents, hydrocarbons or other substances that should not be allowed to enter the storm sewer system.

1) Water Recovery

When necessary, we block off storm sewer access in the area so wastewater can not enter the storm sewer system. We use surface cleaners with an integrated vacuum to recover water from the surface in real time. Once cleaning is complete any water that may have pooled near the secured storm sewer drains will be captured for filtration as well. 

2) Water Filtration

As water is recovered, via our vacuum system, it enters a six stage filtration process which removes contaminants. Each stage filters out progressively finer particles including hydrocarbons. The filtered water is then moved into a tank to be recycled for further use or stored for disposal in the sanitary sewer system. 

3) Sanitary Sewer Disposal

Once the job is complete and wastewater has been collected and filtered, we dispose of the wastewater in your sanitary sewer lateral. Due to utility requirements, we ensure heated water has cooled to less than 140 degrees before disposing of the water. It is important to note that permission must be granted by the utility operator for a contractor to dispose of wastewater into the sanitary sewer.  

Surface Pros Indy has been granted special permission by central Indiana utility companies to dispose of wastewater processed by our equipment, directly into the sanitary sewer system within Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. Wastewater must meet certain criteria before being discharged into a sanitary sewer lateral and can not be allowed to enter the storm sewer system per EPA regulations. Utility company Environmental Managers have reviewed our process and provided Surface Pros Indy with written authorization allowing us to dispose of wastewater treated by our system directly into the sanitary sewer.

Our process stops hazardous materials from entering the local waterways of the Greater Indianapolis Area. Property owners can be fined up to $25,000 per day by the EPA for allowing hazardous materials to enter the storm sewer system. Additionally, the local utility operator can levy fines for unauthorized discharges to the sanitary sewer system. Hazardous materials entering the sanitary sewer system can damage the facilities and micro organisms at the water treatment plant. If you are having a surface cleaned that has vehicle fluids, chemical spills or any other type of hazardous material present choose your pressure washing contractor carefully.