Pressure Washing Services for Indianapolis and Surrounding Areas

Residential Services


We provide professional pressure washing services for any hard exterior surface around your Indianapolis area home. From walkways, garages and driveways to siding and more. Surface Pros Indy will finish your job professionally and quickly. Properly maintain your property and improve the curb appeal of your home. Give us a call or request a free quote today.

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Commercial Services


You want to keep your Indianapolis area property looking great and we can help keep it in optimal condition, improving the overall customer experience. Maintaining a clean, professional appearance is essential for a successful retail business. Our services include: gum removal, graffiti removal, entry way cleaning, sidewalks and more. Those with environmental concerns will benefit from our custom vacuum recovery and filtration systems, ensuring compliance with strict EPA and local environmental standards. Call us or request a free quote today.

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Specialty Surfaces


Indianapolis area weather can be tough on your outdoor atheltic surface. Surface Pros Indy has all the tools to bring out the best in your specialty athletic surface.  Tennis courts require particular care when cleaning to avoid pooling water and damage to the surface. Our professionals are specifically equipped to handle these jobs quickly, efficiently and safely. Protect your investment and keep your specialty surfaces looking brand new.

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Clean & Safe

We use specialized equipment and processes to protect the environment from hazardous substances that can be present in the wastewater generated by pressure washing your surfaces. In addition, Surface Pros Indy protects property owners and managers from costly government fines by collecting and pretreating the wastewater. Our process has been vetted by area utility oversight and we have been authorized to pretreat and dispose of wastewater into the sanitary sewer system without individual permits. That means cost savings for you and a cleaner environment for everyone.  

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