Indianapolis Tennis Court Pressure Washing

Specialty surfaces like outdoor athletic courts need to be assessed properly before cleaning in order to avoid damaging the surface and to achieve optimum results. Surface Pros Indy will first determine the type of material your surface has been coated with and the age of the coating. Once we have indentified the the required variables we will optimize a mixture of cleaning solution based on the different contaminants which need to be removed. In addition, we will adjust our surface cleaners to run at the appropriate PSI to prevent damage to your surface. Before beginning, we will conduct a test on a small area of the surface to make sure the cleaning solution is working and the selected PSI is not causing damage to your surface. During the cleaning process, water can be recovered in real time preventing standing water, which is bad for tennis court surfaces. Your tennis courts and other specialty surfaces can look dramatically different after a proper cleaning and you can extend the useful life of the surface coatings.


Tennis Court Pricing

Tennis Courts are generally a flat rate of $720.00 for the first court and $650 for each additional court at the same location.  In rare cases an additional fee may be charged if algaecide or fungicide is required.


Other Court Pricing

Other courts are variable in size and are charged at our normal rate sq/ft.  If you would like a quote please complete this form and a representative will contact you.