Indianapolis Residential Pressure Washing

Harsh winters and hot summers are hard on Indianapolis area and central Indiana homes.  Pressure washing and other regular maintenance of your home's exterior hard surfaces will improve the look of your home and help materials last longer, reducing overall maintenance costs. Annual cleaning can prevent or delay needed repairs or replacement of expensive items like concrete driveways & siding.  If you are interested in having a surface at your home cleaned, give us a call or request a FREE quote online.

Remove Mold, Mildew, dirt and oxidation from vinyl siding

Home Exteriors & Siding

Surface Pros Indy will modify our cleaning techniques based on the materials used to construct the exterior of your home. In Indianapolis and central Indiana, typically the North facing side of your home will be the area with the most need.  These problem areas with mold and or mildew will be treated first to kill off the organism. Spraying an area with mold or mildew growth prior to or without treatment can spread spores further around the surface. Different materials require different equipment and pressure settings.  Surface Pros Indy will protect the exterior surfaces of your home by using appropriate pressures based on the materials used to construct your home.


Concrete Driveways, Sidewalks and Patios

Concrete, though tough and durable, can be damaged by a pressure washer. Using too much pressure can damage the top layer of creme (or finish layer) on your driveways and sidewalks. Different types of concrete finishes require different types of care.  Surface Pros Indy will use a surface cleaner with the correct nozzles and pressure to clean your driveways and sidewalks without stripping or causing damage. We have appropriate equipment for both new and old concrete.  In addition, the application of the appropriate sealer will protect your concrete from penetrating water, corrosion, and staining.

Soft Wash restoration of weathered wood fences and decks

Soft Wash Fence & Deck Restoration

After seasons in the sun, and harsh Indiana winters, the wood on your fence or deck will start to fade and silver.  This process is actually a chemical reaction caused by UV radiation breaking down the wood.  The silvering can be blasted away using high pressure, but this process will damage your wood, leaving gouges, streaks and furrowing.  Often more intensive repairs are then needed.  With our propietary soft wash process, high pressure is never used.  Our specially formulated eco friendly wood wash is applied to the wood and brushed in.  This acts like an exfolliating scrub and removes the silver naturally.  Then a wood brightener is applied which balances the PH in the wood.  The fence is then washed at low pressure to remove the loose debris and a UV protective finish is then applied.



Driveways, walkways and patios made from pavers require pressure washing on a yearly basis to look their best. Cleaning pavers requires care and patience. Surface Pros Indy starts by cleaning each paver with a high pressure spray while avoiding the joint areas. New polymeric sand is then brushed into the joints to fill areas that may require new sand. The area is then sprinkled with water to bind the sand. Finally, a sealer is applied to complete the process.



Different still are the requirements for pressure washing brick.  Without appropriate care and equipment, brick can easily chip or crack and grout can be eroded.  Damage to bricks can be costly to repair so proper pressure and nozzles are essential.  Pressure washing can restore the luster of old and weathered brick. Cleaning moss and mildew from your home's brick surfaces will help keep your property looking great and extend the life of these surfaces.