Indianapolis Area Commercial Pressure Washing

Surface Pros Indy provides the Indianapolis area and central Indiana commercial properties and property managers with professional pressure washing services, while ensuring full compliance with the Clean Water Act and wastewater runoff regulations. Our capabilities allow us to handle jobs in a timely and professional manner avoiding costly dump permitting and fines. 

Surface Pros Indy will evaluate your needs and provide you with a free quote for our services. When quoting a project we can determine if any cleaning chemicals will be required, if hot water should be used and if wastewater recovery will be required to meet environmental requirements. Call us today or request a FREE quote online.


Parking Garages


Entry Ways & Sidewalks


Indoor Facilities


Vacuum Recovery & Filtration

Part of our process for corporate properties is the recovery of wastewater and filtration through our mobile 6-stage treatment system. We are able to remove hazardous materials at rates up to 8 gallons per minute. This allows us to pre-treat wastewater to ensure compliance with the minimum standards for entry into the sanitary sewer system. Property owners and managers can be fined up to $25,000 per day for putting wastewater containing hazardous substances into the storm sewer system. If you own or manage properties such as parking garages, service stations or any facility where vehicles may expose the environment to fluids, call Surface Pros Indy to ensure your surfaces are cleaned professionally and your wastewater is treated and disposed of properly. Learn more about environmental compliance.


Gum Removal & Oil Stains

Surface Pros Indy can use 200 degree water flowing at 8 Gallons per minute to quickly remove gum from your surfaces. When gum is removed a shadow of the gum spot will remain. That gum shadow will fade over time, but the longer the gum has been on the surface, the longer the shadow will remain. To present a clean uniform surface when gum will be present, regular cleanings are recommended. Trying to remove gum through pressure alone or with abrasives will damage the surface of your concrete. Use Surface Pros Indy to effectively remove your gum spots.

Graffiti removal from concrete, bricks, and other hard surfaces

Graffiti Removal

Depending on the surface type and original surface coating, Surface Pros Indy can determine the best course of action to remove graffiti from your structure. Graffiti is best removed as soon as possible from a surface. Ideally, hot water and pressure can be used to remove graffiti, but depending on the surface type and coating, chemicals may need to be used. When using chemicals to remove graffiti it is import that the resulting wastewater does not enter the storm sewer system. Surface Pros Indy has the equipment and knowledge to effectively remove graffiti from your structure.