Our Equipment and Capabilities

flow_rate_icon.png8 GPM Flow Rate

An 8 GPM flow rate allows us to complete large jobs quickly.  Cleaning power is equal to a combination of flow rate, water pressure and temperature. A high flow rate is essential for commercial applications.

hot_water_icon.pngUp to 200 degrees

Our 450,000 BTU heater allows us to instantly heat water up to 200 degrees to tackle the most difficult jobs like oil stains, gum, and grease without the use of caustic detergents.

pressure_icon.pngVariable PSI

Being able to vary pressure up to 3500 PSI while maintaining an 8 GPM flow rate allows us to work on a wide variety of surfaces from wood to concrete (old or new) to asphalt and vinyl siding. 

water_supply_icon.pngMobile Water Supply

Traveling with up to 400 gallons of fresh water supply allows us to complete even the most remote jobs.  Additional water is available if needed.

water_leaf_icon.pngWater Recycle & Treatment

Specialized mobile treatment and EPA compliance allow us special authorization for the direct dumping of treated wastewater into the sanitary sewer without costly individual permits.

Surface Cleaners & Other Accessories

Surface Pros Indy specializes in having the right equipment for any particular application.  Large, flat surfaces are cleaned with equipment designed to complete the task quickly and efficiently. We employ the following specialized equipment:

  • Horizontal Surface Radial Cleaners
  • Vertical Surface Radial Cleaners
  • Turbo Nozzles
  • Water Broom
  • Pressure Specific Nozzles
  • Integrated Vacuum for Wastewater Recapture
  • Telescoping Wands